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Thanks to everyone who entered our recent comps! Winners of a copy of Around the World in 80 Ways.

“What’s your #1 travel tip for travelling with kids?”

1. Imogen
When travelling ANYWHERE with wriggly toddlers and pre schoolers i carry a couple of balloons, an elastic hairband and a retractable tape measure (the round soft ones used by tailors, not the metal ones used by carpenters – ouch!). If I have space i throw in a pack of bright coloured post it notes, a pencil and a piece of chalk. These simple ‘toys’ will fit in a jeans pocket or small purse, provide hours of activity and amusement whilst trapped in transit, and hopefully gain you some friends along the way.

2. Maria
I always buy each of them a new A5 spiral binder drawing pad (i.e Montmartre brand from $2 shops). This becomes the drawing pad for the journey, where they can scribble, draw, paint whatever they like, whenever they like, and it always lives in their backpack.
It might not be filled at all, but that doesn’t matter, the important thing is for them to feel it’s something they get at the start of this new trip, blank and ready to be filled. Often we draw together, adding to each other’s works, which kids love (mum, can you draw a dog here?).