Why “80 Ways” is worth the $$$


We’ve been receiving some great feedback and reviews, but one influential blogger asked… “Why buy Around the World in 80 Ways, when there are so many great free resources and printables on the net?”

Good question… Here’s why 80 Ways is different and worth the money.

–       Around the World in 80 Ways is nothing like the printables on the net.

–       The activities in 80 Ways aren’t just about entertaining and helping pass the time when travelling—they’re designed to help kids/families engage in the experience and with the world around them.

–       There’s not one single activity that needs a crayon or a pen. Unlike most printables. (But if you want to colour-in the illustrations, go for it!)

–       Every single activity is travel/world related.

–       We are encouraging kids to look up and out at the world, not just keep them quiet via activities and game consoles.

–       I spent way too many hours surfing the net each time I travelled, searching for great activities.

–       Those hours I spent surfing the net are hours I’ll never get back.

–       While there are some truly wonderful sites and resources out there (I encourage you to look for them) there is also a lot of drivel.

–       Years of teaching, travelling, children’s writing and parenting shaped the activities in this book.

–       CONVENIENCE!!!!! Press buy now and get hours of fun, or spend hours and hours trying to collect some decent travel games. (Perhaps I’m just lazy, but I know what I’d prefer and I’ve tried the latter.)

–       I don’t want to travel with loads of books and games and sheets and entertainment. I like travelling light. 80 Ways, and all Itchee Feet products are designed with convenience in mind.

I spent years on the road. I looked for this book when I was travelling and couldn’t find it. So I wrote it myself. So yes, there are printables to be found… but I’d rather spend my time engaging with my kids than surfing the net searching for them.