What to expect when you’re travelling with kids


1. It will be full on. It will. Unless you’re going somewhere with a fantastic kids club, that vision of lying by a pool with a book and a daiquiri aint gonna happen.
2. The things you thought they’d love will SUCK! The things you least expect will be LOVED! And there will be quite a lot of THIS IS BORING in between.
3. The more kids you have, the higher the chances of being completely humiliated at some stage during your trip.
4. Your kids will view you as a portable ATM machine.
5. There will definitely be at least one inconvenient moment when your child needs to GO TO THE TOILET RIGHT NOW.
The only way to counteract all of the above is to let go of any expectations… Plan your trip, yes, but don’t expect the kids to behave, or misbehave. Don’t expect them to like something or dislike something. Simply take them on the journey, and you will find magic and enjoyment where you least expect. And that’s the key… if you really can’t let go of expectations… then simply expect the unexpected.

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