What else to expect when travelling with kids


So you’re travelling with kids, no expectations, just going with the flow… great. Here’s what will happen.

  1. You will meet people. Kids are like magnets, and while it’s easy to live in fear of other parts of the world when all you know of that place comes from the media, the reality will be so very different. You will meet wonderful people, because in my experience, most people are wonderful—no matter where they are from.
  2. You will experience at least one moment where you are totally and utterly present. It’s a revelation when you do experience being truly present.
  3. Your children will ask questions and have responses to things that will encourage you to see the world through fresh eyes.
  4. You will enjoy each other’s company more than you have for a long time, especially if your trip is not over scheduled.
  5. You will remember what is truly important. It’s not about pushing them to get the top grades, or into the top school. It’s about helping them discover who they are. Encourage your kids to have open minds, open hearts, empathy for others, a sense of justice, Joie de vivre. Quality time travelling together removes all the distractions of your everyday lives. The rest always unfolds, as all journeys do.

Granted, not everything will be a learning curve or profound. Click here and read the other stuff that is bound to happen while travelling with kids.