What countries will we visit on the IF Travel Challenge?




After being issued with the Itchee Feet Travel Challenge, we spent countless hours surfing the net, and sitting on various travel apps, doing the sums until we worked out the best way to meet the challenge requirements:

Taking our family of six people, to four countries… without spending a cent over five grand. How would we do it?

Where to begin?

Finally, we decided to choose our countries, destinations that from our research seemed doable. So we chose:

  1. Singapore
  2. Malaysia
  3. Thailand
  4. Cambodia

There are two main budget airlines flying from Australia to Asia: Singapore’s Scoot and Malaysia’s Air Asia. There’s also Jetstar, but unless you get a great deal it comes in way more expensive than the other two airlines.

We’ve never flown Scoot before but it has consistently cheap airfares and a good reputation. We quickly agreed that Singapore would be our starting point for this trip if we flew Scoot.

Both TOF and I want the boys to see Angkor Wat, so Cambodia is another country on our list.

That made Malaysia and Thailand both obvious choices geographically. I love both countries, and they have good railway systems, which we might need to use to keep the costs down.


Our order of visiting these countries remained flexible until we secured our airfares. Which we now have.

Is it possible to fly a family of six to Singapore on a very stringent budget? How much did we pay?

Find out here…