Vietnam with kids

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Time to introduce our first Itchee Feet guest blogger, Katrina Griffiths.

Katrina and her hubby Griff are travelling around Vietnam with their four daughters (yes, that’s right… four!). Katrina is a children’s picture book author who has lived and travelled all over the world, so we’re thrilled that she agreed to blog about her trip for Itchee Feet. Keep watch, you’ll be seeing lots of Katrina’s writing here at IF.

Tell us a little about yourself (and your family).

I’m a children’s author and mother, married for a very long time to the wonderful Griff. Together we have 4 lovely girls: aged 8, 6 (twins), and 1. We love travel and reading, and would really love to do much more of both. Reading and learning about the world and its inhabitants are so important to us. Fortunately, the kids seem to like it too.

Where are you blogging from?

I am blogging from Vietnam

Have you travelled much before?

I have lived in Bali, Singapore, and London and have travelled through Spain, Portugal, Thailand, India and Malaysia. I’ve also visited other wonderful places, such as New York and Florida, Japan and Hong Kong. I can speak Bahasa Indonesia.

Any travel tips?

My top travel tip is travel light and comfortable!

What’s the one thing you can’t travel without?

Cannot do without tweezers!!!

Check out Katrina’s beautiful book, The Wombat Stole My Shoe.