Unaccompanied minors


I’ll be honest, I’m never completely comfortable with the idea of my children flying alone. I’m always pleased to receive that call from them once they’ve landed. But nowadays, with families scattered all over the place, it’s extremely common for children to travel alone.

In Australia, my first (and only choice) is Virgin Blue (ed note: Now Virgin Australia). Virgin Blue flights are often full of unaccompanied minors. My kid’s flew during the last school holidays and there were 12 other UMNR’s flying with them. It was more like a party than a journey.

I’ve never forgotten the time I boarded a plane (of another, unnamed airline) and just as the plane started moving along the tarmac, the flight attendant raced up to the child sitting alone behind me and said, “Oh God sweetie… you got on ok… I’m so sorry, we forgot all about you.”

… Yep.

I doubt that would happen on Virgin Blue. Virgin Blue has good security, and the children are well looked after. My boys enjoy their flights and always look forward to the next one… unless they’re flying with me, which apparently isn’t as much fun as flying alone.