What I miss about travelling PK (pre-kids)

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  1. Space and stillness: You can be visiting the most relaxing destination on the planet (as voted by Conde Nast Traveller or blah blah), but if you’re there with your kids, you won’t be relaxed. Not fully anyway. And certainly not unless the kids are asleep.
  2. Chilling in cafes: This probably falls under the above category… but I’m putting it here anyway. I love cafes. I LOVE cafes in Paris… or Vienna… or Tokyo or New York. But once again, unless your kids are asleep…
  3. Little local bars and weird booze: I’m not an alcoholic but I love a drink… or three. And I love nothing more than knocking back a few in a small local bar while chatting to some local boozers… I love NOTHING more… apart from my kids I guess, so if they’re travelling with me, I give the bar hopping a miss.
  4. Sex: Oh, did I just say that out loud? Well excuse me luvvin’ some fun with my guy… but sharing a hotel room, cabin, holiday apartment with 4 active boys can put a dampener on lazing around naked with each other. You grab it when you can. J
  5. Standing at immigration: Oh god how I miss standing quietly alone in a long line at immigration and not having to say, “Nearly there,” or “Please don’t kick your brother,” or “Really… you have to go to the toilet right now?”