Travel with kids… while eating dinner at home


Travel isn’t just about ‘going somewhere.” It’s also about introducing your kids to new experiences, sharing information and getting them excited about the world. The way to nurture an open mind is to expand it well beyond its normal daily experiences.

Dinner at our place is an opportunity to not only touch base with the kids, where they’re at, if they have any issues they need to discuss… it’s also a time to get them thinking more expansively. Sometimes we’ll ask a question that gets them thinking, and they all have a turn to answer. Other times, we’ll introduce them to a new concept. Recently, we spent a rather hilarious meal discussing Entomophagy: The practice of eating insects.

People all over the world eat insects. There are about 1,460 species of edible insects including arachnids (that’s spiders!) Here are some of the bug delights that are guaranteed to get a reaction from the kids.

–       In Oaxaca, Mexico, fried crickets are a specialty. They eat them with salt and lemon. Yum yum!

–       In Thailand you can buckle down to a meal of grasshoppers, beetle larvae and dragonflies.

–       In Australia witchetty grubs were part of the Aboriginal diet for centuries

–       Anyone for deep-fried tarantula? You’ll find that little delight in Cambodia.

–       In Algeria you can have a locust lunch!

If anything, a conversation about Entomophagy at dinner will at the very least have them thanking you for their less adventurous vegetables.