Travel light with an iPad and keyboard

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TOF is like the ultimate gadget man. Often, that means more crap to lug around. Recently however he bought me a present that means I will have LESS luggage than ever before. And anyone who has been reading this blog for a while knows how I can’t stand too much baggage … emotional or otherwise. 😉

Whenever I’ve travelled with just my iPad, I’ve quickly found myself missing my laptop. While the iPad is portable, convenient and covers most of my needs on the road, I simply can’t write creatively on it. I don’t like the inbuilt keyboard.

So TOF got me this.

It can fit into a handbag!
It can fit into a handbag!
It's tiny ... and light.
It’s tiny … and light.

The keyboard is wifi, so no added cords to carry. Both my iPad and keyboard can fit into a small bag. And I now have a MUCH better keyboard to write on, when I’m on the go.

Love it!