Travel light—no this isn’t a portable lamp!

Carry-on only. It can be done!

It amazes me how much crap people drag around the world with them. To me, one of the advantages of being on the road is the feeling of freedom it brings. There is nothing freeing about lugging countless bags around. If possible, I travel with cabin luggage only. Yes it can be done and it makes such a difference. My last trip to Europe was bliss. I was able to do online check-in, which meant later arrival times at each airport, no lines, and an easy walk straight through security to my gate. At the other end, it’s off the plane and out the gate—no waiting for your luggage while the kids play kung-fu-kick-the-crap-outta-you as they try to ride the baggage carousel.

Kids don’t need much. My kids travel with one backpack each. They also have a fantastic small over the shoulder bag in which they carry a book, their iPod, some pencils and paper, and a couple of small toys. I have a small suitcase and a handbag. Each of us is responsible for our own luggage. I carry any cosmetics, shampoos, liquids etc in small containers in a plastic bag. I pack them in an easy to reach spot, and pull them out as we go through security. It’s all quick, simple, and saves precious travelling time.

You know the saying “Its better to have too much than not enough”? Well whoever first said that (probably Confucius) never travelled with kids. The more I travel the lighter I pack. Sit down, work out what you need, halve it and pack it. Keep it contained and have a great trip.