The travel blogger who doesn’t blog

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I’m a dreadful travel blogger. I don’t blog when I travel. I take some notes now and then, but mostly I just like to be in the moment when I’m on the road. In fact, I tend to turn off social media as much as possible.

We’re back from Malaysia and India and apart from a couple of tweets, and status update or two from the back of a tuk tuk, we’ve been quiet.

Life on the other hand has been a wild ride, with TOF and I having some fabulous adventures. We do love travelling together. We had so much fun (apart from a few moments of Delhi belly, but all good overall).

So stay tuned and I’ll update you now I’m home. I have lots to share. And there’s some exciting news about Itchee Feet. I am a writer. I love to write. But I’m a shite travel blogger… I’d prefer to simply travel.