Top 5 Items to Pack for Toddlers


Today’s guest blogger is Sally from Toddlers on Tour, a great website  for parents travelling with toddlers. More info on the site below… make sure you check it out.

When you’ve got little ones it really feels like you are packing everything including the kitchen sink.  So for me these are the top 5 items to pack besides clothes.

1.     Medical and toiletry supplies.

Make sure you buy age appropriate items.  You can also buy many of these in travel packs at the supermarket, or purchase a small size.

  • If they are not toilet trained you will need:
    • nappies and swim nappies,
    • wipes,
    • nappy paste,  and
    • disposable change mats.
  • If your toddler is teething don’t forget your teething relief.
  • For bathing you will need:
    • bath gel,
    • shampoo,
    • hairbrush/comb,
    • toothbrush and
    • toothpaste.
  • Hand Sanitizer,
  • Sunscreen,
  • Insect repellent, and
  • Paracetamol.

2.     Toys.

If you are on a plane or in the car for hours you need to keep your toddler entertained.  Ditto for time spent in your accommodation.  Buy something new and take a few favourites.  I like:

  • Cars
  • Small doll
  • Duplo (can possibly combine the car and doll with this),
  • Colouring and
  • Books (I have also discovered jigsaw books – 2 games in 1).

3.     Essential food items.

Kids eat constantly on top of that if you have a baby or a young toddler you may also be restricted by what they are able to eat.  So take a supply of snacks and food that they like, preferably as healthy as you can go.  The more sugar they eat the more hyped up they will become.  I like:

  • Sultanas and dried fruits
  • Individual packs of tinned fruit
  • Rice wheels
  • Rice crackers and
  • Individual packs of Tiny Teddys for a treat.

If you are not breastfeeding take some formula.  Formula is great as it doesn’t need to be kept cold, easy to take on day trips, and you won’t have to worry about the kids not liking the flavour of the milk in a foreign country. Don’t forget to take water.

You may also need:

  • Bottles
  • Sippy cups
  • Spoons and
  • Dummies/pacifiers.

4.     Cleaning supplies.

If you’ve taken all those bottles etc. you will have to wash them, plus kids get dirty!  Buy some empty travel containers.

  • Fill one with dishwashing liquid and take a bottle brush.
  • Fill another with laundry liquid and take a pegless clothes line (available from camping/hiking stores).

5.     Favourite snuggle friend (teddy).

This one is an absolute essential.  Take it on the plane, in the car, on day trips.  Wherever your little one go make sure the snuggle friend is nearby.  The “friend” will help your child sleep in a foreign environment, relieve anxiety when things are new and scary, and be a playmate.

Toddlers on Tour

The idea for Toddlers on Tour was formed when I had my son in 2008 and joined a Mother’s Group. Many of whom were setting off on trips around the world to show off their new bubs and did not know what to do.  I was able to offer them guidance due to my 20 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry coupled with a Bachelor in Tourism.

My advice is based not only on personal experience from working within the industry; but also from researching many travel books, websites and blogs.

“Toddlers on Tour” have tips and advice for travel with kids to share with you.  We have guides starting from how to plan and research your holiday with kids through to tips on travelling by air, cruising, road or rail.  We also offer helpful hints on packing, choosing the right accommodation and eating out with children.

I hope that my advice helps you to have an enjoyable journey.

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