To and From Shanghai from Pudong International Airport

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Shanghai Pudong International Airport is located about 30 kilometres from the city centre. Getting to and from the airport is easy although we know which mode of transport gets the kids vote!

Into Shanghai:
Our flight was delayed in Sydney, which meant we arrived in Shanghai well after the last Maglev train. So we caught a bus to People’s Square, not too far from our hotel, which was in the Bund.

I expected the trip into Shanghai to be more chaotic than it was. The freeway is amazing, the traffic was light and well under the crazy speeds I’ve experienced in other Asian cities. The trip took about 1 ¼ hours, past wide clean streets and endless high-rise buildings, and cost the equivalent of $3.50. It was well worth taking the bus into the city. It was an opportunity to see Shanghai’s outskirts, something you miss on Shanghai’s high-speed train.

Back to the airport:
We caught Shanghai’s amazing Maglev train back to the airport, from Longyang Rd Station. While it didn’t reach top speed (431 km/h) it did hit 302 km/h. It took 8-minutes to reach the airport. It was similar to being on a theme park ride—not entirely comfortable, but I knew it would be over quickly, and well worth the CNY 50 (AU$7.20).