Tiger Airlines

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Just flew Tiger for the first time. There has been a lot of bad press about Tiger here in Oz, but our experience was mostly positive. Check-in was a little disorganized, but we were early, so had no problems. (Check-in closes 45-minutes before departure)

The flight itself was on time and arrived in Adelaide 5 minutes early, so we certainly didn’t experience any delays.

The flight attendants were beyond friendly, and had a certain sixties/seventies feel to them—none of those hardcore-military-trained-we’re-not-flight-attendants-but- rather-soldiers-of-the-sky women on Tiger. These flight attendants were helpful, chatty and kinda old school. They actually smiled!!!

We had a minor hitch on the way home. Apparently we were meant to check in online, so were hit with a $25 surcharge for checking in at the airport. Annoying but once again a smooth flight, which left and landed on time.

Will we fly Tiger again? Absolutely. There are some really great deals to be had. But we will definitely read the small print (TWICE) just to make sure we’re not later hit with added charges.