The Three Little Pigs



Nosy Crow tells the story of the 3 little pigs where the van driving wolf gets his bum burnt sliding down the chimney after huffing and puffing.
Recommended Ages: 3-7 and excellent as a storybook reading tool


– Flick the characters to make them jump, spin and speak
– Blow on the screen to help blow down the pigs’ houses
– Help the pigs build each of their houses
– Tilt the screen to reveal more of the scene and find hidden characters
– Chase the pigs down the road in the wolf’s van
– Drop the wolf down the chimney and celebrate with the pigs

Price: AUS$6.49

Riot RatingĀ  ****1/2

This app is a lot of fun for early readers. Well designed and the 3D animation is kept simple maintaining humour throughout with the emphasis on the story.

Created by: Nosy Crow