The noisiest hotel ever… perfect for families!


Hoi An 15.12.2010

By Katrina Griffiths

We are staying in the noisiest hotel in the world, which most people would be upset about, but we’re thrilled!  Abie can make as much noise as they want!

We had a hellish journey to Hoi An. Our bus from Halong bay was caught in a traffic jam, which went on for miles. The 3-hour journey ended up taking 6 hours, stuck aboard a bus that was completely surrounded by traffic and black exhaust fumes. I’d run out of snacks, nappies and baby wipes. The children were hungry and bored, and we were all BUSTING for the toilet. And it was hot. Kid torture.

Our flight was due to leave for Danang at 7pm and we were pretty much sure to miss it so we had that gnawing stress of being trapped AND running late. We jumped straight in a taxi in Hanoi to the airport (still no food or toilet stops!) and the driver sped off. As luck would have it, the flight was delayed, so me made it just in time. But then the flight was delayed again, and again… and again! We ate sugary biscuits and pot noodles for dinner, and arrived at the Hoi An hotel at midnight after 12-hours on the road. We fell straight to sleep only to be woken up at 6am by a STEAMROLLER outside the window! Then the jackhammers started and we realised that the hotel was under major renovation, which they call “general maintenance”.

This was followed by a relentless series of booming commands through a loudspeaker. School starts at 6:30am here, which was the exact time I realised that we were situated right next to a primary school.

So we are in the noisiest hotel ever and as Abie ran for the pool like animals let out of the zoo, my husband and I could only smile and say, “Go for it kids, this is the place for us!”