The Itchee Feet Travel Challenge




I really shouldn’t drink. A couple of glasses of Pinot and anything can happen. I can even accept a challenge issued at a dinner party.

A travel challenge.

We were with friends and discussing how it’s cheaper to travel than ever before. How your average family can afford to travel, and how travelling with kids can be done on a very tight budget.

One friend then threw this little doozy into the ring.

“Okay then, you do it Jane. Five grand, four countries… Do it. I challenge thee!” (Yes he said thee, but he was hoeing into the wine.)

“We’re not your average family,” I said. “We need double of everything. There’re six of us.”

“Great, six people, five grand, four countries.”

“Airfares excluded?”

Airfares INCLUDED.

I love a challenge. “And if we do it? What do I get?”

“Another glass of that Pinot.”

I held out my glass.






We’re aiming to take our four sons to four countries, travelling for about four weeks.

The time factor limits us. It’s much cheaper to do long term travel. But our trips now can only be for a month at a time.

I was nomadic, on the road for 13-years, five of those with kids. But I’ve been grounded in recent years. I met a man with two sons. Being a blended family means we have other parents to take into consideration now. As much as I want to take my children back on the road, I can’t. It’s a daily struggle for me. I’d prefer to be travelling full time but instead I do it in shorter spurts.

It’s a first world problem, I know. I’m hardly struggling to survive.

Nowadays our trips are built around a destination of choice and a time we can go. This is different. This trip will be built around the constraints of the challenge issued over a (very nice, admittedly) wine.

I woke the day after that dinner party to my other half (The Other Foot as I call him) chuckling.

“Do you think we can do it? Five grand doesn’t really go that far.”

“It’ll go far enough.”

TOF grinned. “Let’s aim for Angkor Wat. The kids will love that.”

It’s why I love him. He’s always up for a challenge as well.