The best kids toy I ever travelled with


I did a lot of long-haul flights with my kids when they were toddlers. Long-haul flights with toddlers can be… ah… challenging. Choosing the right toys is key—you don’t want to carry Babies Galore onboard, but you do need help.

I discovered a toy that kept my young son busy for ages. And now… I share the secret with you. That toy was… a wallet.

Yep… a wallet.

Kids love searching through things, pulling things apart, delving into places they’re not meant to go. I took my eyes off my 18-month old son on one flight (for probably about 30 seconds) and when I looked back he’d pulled my wallet out of my bag and all the contents all over the seat and floor.

And so I had an idea.

Once we were home, I filled an old wallet with expired cards, fake money, and some old photos. The next time we travelled, I was prepared. Once he was restless, I moved the wallet into sight, and then pretended I wasn’t watching. For the next 15-minutes I relaxed with a magazine, while he tore through the fake wallet.

That fake wallet travelled all over the world with us. Until the day in New York when a mugger demanded my wallet… but that’s another story.