Teach your child to be a traveller

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Are travellers born, or can you help your child become a good traveller?

Ask your children, where are you travelling to today? Where is your destination? Are you excited? Whether you are travelling across town or across the world, you have a journey ahead of you. You are now what is known as… a traveller.

Enjoying each step along the way is the most important part of travelling. Most people focus on the destination but travel is not just about arriving. Travel is also about:

Dreaming: Have you ever sat and stared into space and thought about an upcoming holiday? Have you spent time thinking about what you will do on your trip or whom you might meet? Have you imagined things and become fearful, or excited? This is all part of travelling.

Planning: Have you looked up your destination on the internet or read any books about where you’re going? If you’re visiting friends and relatives have you called or emailed to make plans? Have you helped think of places you want to visit? Have you discussed the trip with family members? This is all part of travelling.

Packing: Have you helped pack for a holiday? If not, why not? Have you decided which books or games to carry with you and what clothes to take? Have you helped choose gifts for people you are visiting? This is all part of travelling.

Journey: Have you packed everything into the car and helped lock up the house? Have you arrived at an airport and waited for a plane? Have you sat on a bus or slept on a train? Ever wondered just when you’ll arrive? This is all part of travelling.

Destination: So you’re finally there, what next? You enjoy your time, you collect many things—experiences, souvenirs, photos; you promise to return. The days go by and suddenly… it’s time to go. But it’s not over yet. You still have the journey home. This is all part of travelling.

Memories: Much of the trip fades in time but you still have your memories. Sometimes you talk about the trip. Sometimes you look at photos or videos. The journey is over but will never be forgotten. It will stay in your memory. This is all part of travelling.