Taste of Sydney

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TOF and I went to Taste of Sydney last night.   The idea is to be able to sample some of Sydney’s better restaurants. It had a fun vibe and we certainly enjoyed ourselves, but I can’t say we were overly impressed with what was on offer. And judging by the conversations we overheard as we were leaving, many people felt the same. Entry tickets are $30 each, which just gets you in. Taster plates are on average $10-12. We had a couple of drinks at $8 each. They weren’t even big drinks. We had one fantastic dish (BBQ ocean trout and tangy Mexican street salad.) followed by a few average ones.

The highlight of my night was the Green fairy absinthe… and a very nice Sangiovese. You see, I’m not a foodie. I could give a shit about cooking. I don’t watch cooking shows (yawn) and I don’t have time for complicated recipes. In fact… I don’t ever follow any recipes. When I cook, I use the force. The whole event was filled with people having conversations about food. As TOF pointed out, it could’ve been worse. The conversations could’ve been about football, but nevertheless we felt like we were surrounded by Masterchef rejects.

When I first met TOF I was pretty clear… “If it takes more than 20 minutes, I don’t cook it. I’m too busy to be in the kitchen.” He’d once lived with someone who was obsessed with every meal, and it bored him senseless… so he was thrilled. And so, our life together revolves around quick, healthy meals.

On the other hand, we love sampling a good wine. Life is an eternal search for a fabulous boutique beer. Cocktails are creative (my next novel is about a woman who makes magical cocktails). We both have a healthy appreciation for a well-crafted tipple. Give me a fabulous glass of red and throw it together with a salad and I’m in heaven. Just don’t spend more than 20-minutes preparing it.

If overpriced food and a foodie crowd are your thing, “Taste of Sydney” will be on tonight and tomorrow in Centennial Park. There were lots of families there, and while there were no kid-friendly activities, it’s not a bad place to hang and have dinner with the kids.