Take your kids travelling for $9.99

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Final boarding call for young adventurers! Join Bella and Burton Feet as they tour the globe. Bella & Burton Feet don’t go looking for trouble … but it always finds them. Follow the expat twins from country to country, from adventure to outrageous adventure, in Bella & Burton’s Misadventures. This unique series is written by bestselling author and international school teacher, Stephen Skelton, and combines his love of travel with his Maori storytelling roots. It brings a fresh twist to some of the world’s greatest tales and into the hearts of a new generation of children. Perfect for 7-11-year-olds.



When Burton buys a map from a mysterious old man in outback Australia, the twins end up travelling further than they’ve ever gone before.



In the second book in the Bella & Burton Misadventures Series, the twins explore past and present Japan and meet the 47 Ronin.



What’s meant to be a quick trip India turns into a mammoth journey back in time to one of the country’s most epic tales: The Ramayana. Will the twins make it back in one piece this time?


Perfect for expat kids, young travellers and children who dream of travelling. This Christmas, take the kids travelling with Bella and Burton Feet. Paperbacks are $9.99, ebook $3.99.

“The Feet family and their various adventures are set to become bestsellers among expat children who have, up until now, been somewhat overlooked by the literary world…. Not only can these books encourage children to read more, they are also a superb way of helping children adjust to a life spent constantly on the move.” — The Expat Magazine Malaysia