A surprise mini-break

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TOF was being rather secretive about a surprise he’d organised for me. I wasn’t to book in any social or work engagements from March 2nd to 6th. I’m not great with surprises. I used to sneak into my mother’s wardrobe to see what I was getting for Christmas, prior to the actual day. It’s no wonder I later studied acting. Each Christmas I let out an Oscar-worthy yelp of delight with whatever gifts Santa left me, despite the fact that I’d seen them in mum’s walk-in a week earlier.

Anyway, I hounded TOF, but he wouldn’t break. He’d make a good wartime spy. I knew we weren’t going away. He unfortunately has inflexible custody arrangements that make spontaneous trips away impossible. I figured he’d booked me into a course and I prayed it wasn’t stand up comedy or pole dancing.

The day arrived and I was absolutely delighted to discover he’d been conspiring with one of my dearest friends who'd moved to the Sunshine Coast over a year ago and who I’ve been missing. So I threw some clothes into a bag and he dropped me off at the airport, and I flew up north to my friend’s glorious beach house near Noosa.

My friend is an artist, so the house has an artist’s space/retreat, where I bunkered down. It was bliss. I got the first few chapters of my next book written and spent four glorious days catching up with my friend. Apart from her cooking and the serenity of her home, my highlights were:

Castaways Beach: Secluded and stunning.

The perfect daily walk
The perfect daily walk


Noosa Yacht Club: Nice way to while away a few hours over a beer.

Very low key little bar
Very low key little bar


Noosa Surf Club: Delicious food and a superb view.



Check out my friend’s work here.

And here.

Thanks to my gorgeous dotty friend and my lovely TOF. Mwah!

A lino print of me from Ulrike's 2011 collection
A lino print of me from Ulrike's 2011 collection