A slice of Vienna

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TOF and I had this little afternoon feast today. A good brew, a tiny tipple and a slice of original Sacher Torte, from the Sacher Hotel, Vienna.

My 15-year-old niece is here from Vienna for two months… and despite Qantas trying to lose her and then her luggage en route—that blog coming soon—both her and this cake eventually made it to Oz.

I love this Sacher Torte. If I’m honest, as lovely as it is, I’ve had better cake. It’s the experience I adore. When I lived in Vienna, and every visit since, I whiled away many hours in the various cafes. I loved the coffeehouse culture, and for me, the Sacher Hotel Café is the crème de la crème of Viennese coffee houses.

When I can’t get to Vienna, Vienna comes to me… in this beautiful wooden box.