Singapore’s Changi Airport: in transit with kids



In life there is real time, and then there is transit time… those hours you spend in an airport trying to entertain your kids between flights. I was once (actually it’s happened twice) stuck in hell… I mean Frankfurt airport waiting for my flight as it was continually delayed. I still remember the utter exhaustion of running my kid up and down a travelator. After about… I dunno, 14 hours or so… I hired a stroller, strapped/locked him in, and took an uncomfortable nap on a plastic chair while he yelled at me to wake up.

Good times.

Memories like this only magnify my love of Changi Airport. Seriously, it’s one of the best. If you’re flying long-haul from Australia with kids, it’s worth any extra money you pay to stopover in Singapore.

If you fly like us, with carry on only, then store your luggage (terminal 1, level 3) for a few hours and go and have some fun.

Go for a swim:

Use the Ambassador Transit Hotel’s swimming pool for SGD $13.91, which includes using the pool, the shower, toiletries and a non-alcoholic drink.


The entertainment deck:

Catch a free flick at the cinema, play some x-box or Playstation, visit the MTV booth… located on Departure Transit Lounge, Level 3 of Terminal 2 (next to the Sunflower Garden), this is a one-stop integrated, multi-media entertainment centre.

Visit the Family Zone:

There are a couple of playgrounds in the airport, but the one in the Family Zone in Terminal 2 is particularly good. The family Zone also has an entertainment room showing kid-friendly movies and TV when you just need to chill.

Need some nature?

The Nature Tail is designed to be a nature retreat for stressed travellers. Terminal 2 has a fern garden, orchid garden and Koi ponds. Terminal 3 has a (level 2) Butterfly Garden that is home to more than 1000 butterflies, from 50 different species from Singapore and Malaysia.

Singapore’s Tallest Slide

Thrill-seekers, head to the Terminal 3 arrival hall. The slide is 4 storeys tall. For every $10 spent at the airport, you can redeem one ride. Rides are redeemable at the information counter, level 1.


Get creative:

Kids can learn woodblock rubbing the Asian Icon Interactive Art station at Terminal 2, level 2.

Free tours:

Got more than 5 hours to kill? Spend two of them out and about on a free tour of Singapore. It’s a fantastic way to get a glimpse of the city you’re passing through.

Anything else?

If that’s not enough there are free internet zones, seasonal activities and events, family friendly change rooms, shops and restaurants… Sure beats running up and down one crappy old travelator for hours on end.