RV travel and keeping kids happy



Our guest blogger today is Joe Laing, the Marketing Director for El Monte RV, your US source for RV rentals. El Monte RV also sells used motorhomes through eight different locations across the United States. Joe knows a thing or two about keeping kids happy on the road.

Travel with Happy Kids No Matter How Long Your Trip

Keeping your kids happy on the road is not all that difficult. There are so many ways to keep them occupied and entertained. If you haven’t come up with some ideas of your own in the past, you may have found that your road trip was not all that much fun, with bickering, restlessness and complaining. You just need to pack the right items and have them to hand. Here are some tips for kid-friendly traveling in your RV or car.

Plan Your Trip Ahead of Time

Naturally, planning a trip before you leave is smart, no matter the age of those traveling. However, with kids along, it becomes even more important. When you are searching for a campground at a late hour and your child is having a tantrum in the back seat, things can get mighty unpleasant. Book your camping spots or motel rooms ahead of time and you can avoid a lot of hassle.

Stop Often on the Trip

Kids build up excess energy when sitting for long periods. It is important to let them out now and then and let them expend some of the energy they have kept in reserve. You can map out attractions, parks and fun things to see along the way, stopping for exercise, a picnic or to tour a historic site. Your little one can burn off energy by running around.

Keeping Order and Cleanliness in your RV or Car

Keeping order in your vehicle with one or more children on board can be a challenge, but there are ways to make it less of a problem. Packing small toys in plastic bags or shoe boxes can help organize those small pieces. A sturdy metal cooking sheet works wonders as a desktop to draw on.

Keeping things clean is its own challenge. Be sure to pack antiseptic wipes which are good for all kinds of messes. Baby wipes are good when you have an infant with you, but they can do double-time for cleaning up after snacks in the car.

Bring Along Healthy Snacks that Travel Well

If you want your young one to get hyper and jump around all over the place, bring lots of sugar snacks. Keeping a kid calm means avoiding the sugary foods and concentrating on healthy goodies like fruit, bagels, organic crackers, cheese and the like. Stick with water to drink. Some foods can be placed in a cooler or if you have an RV, the refrigerator. You can gather sandwich makings and store them in the cooler too and stop for a picnic at lunch time.

If your little one has a tendency to get car sick, you can do things that will possibly prevent disaster on your trip. Of course, bring along the car-sick medicine, but there are other tips that can help as well. Don’t let your child eat any greasy or spicy food before you begin to drive or during the trip. Choose much blander food as fare on a long trip. Lots of air flowing through is good too! Some get car sick when they are reading or have their attention inside the vehicle. There are games you can invent that keep the child’s attention outside and looking around. This could be a good remedy for car sickness.

Activities on a Road Trip

There is a long list of fun things for kids to do on a long trip, including puzzles, coloring, stickers and drawing. Sometimes by purchasing a new game or activity never before played, a child can be entranced for hours. You can get some books for their age group from the library to take along. Some children love to create, and having a lot of colorful pipe cleaners is a great way to let them make some fascinating things.

Electronic Devices are Great for Kids when Traveling

If you have never let your child play with your smart phone or tablet before, this may be the time to do so, but only for this trip. There are many apps which kids can use that will keep them occupied for long periods of time. You can use a protective case for your device if worried about its safety. Bring along a tape player or an inexpensive CD player with some tapes or CDs with music or stories. This is a fun activity for travel.

Plan your trip and pack right and you will have a happy young one and a calm, inspired vacation with the whole family having a great time.