Qantas loses children!

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Apologies for the silence. We’ve just been through the most mammoth move, and also had some issues getting online at our new place. I’m only catching up with emails, work… news now.

Qantas has been in the new again I see. A couple of emergency landings (luckily Qantas pilots are the best!) And what is this I’ve seen from a few days ago?…
Oh Qantas, that’s not very cool, losing an unaccompanied minor!

Apparently Qantas completely forgot about young unaccompanied passenger. They also lost his paperwork. He was left wandering Hobart airport after his flight, looking for his mother.

As this (frightening for any parent) scenario unfolded, Qantas decided to cover their ass and offer the mother $1000. Like any mother in her right mind, she told them to shove the money up their 747 and is taking legal action.

What makes me laugh is that Qantas says this never happens. However I know for a fact that is does…

A couple of years ago I was on a flight from Sydney to Brisbane. Behind me sat a girl who looked about 8-years-old. She was alone. I didn’t think much of it until, halfway through the flight, a flight attendant was handing out drinks and got to the girl’s seat and asked who was sitting next to her. The girl answered that she was travelling alone. The flight attendant rushed off and a couple of minutes later another flight attendant rushed up and… I swear to you this is what she said:

“Oh god sweetie, we completely forgot about you. But you boarded okay?”

The girl was plied with some drinks and nuts, and was escorted off at the end of the flight.

And so… whenever my children fly unaccompanied, they fly with Virgin. I hand them over and know that they won’t be lost on the way.