The Daisy Diaries – Japan (ebook)


Vital stats

NAME: Daisy Feet.

AGE: 13

NATIONALITY: Duel citizen. Expat kid. Confused.

CURRENT LOCATION: On a plane, somewhere over Japan. I can see Mount Fuji from the window. I don’t care if we slam into it. Instant death by national wonder would be a lot less painful than having to face what’s on the ground: a new life. Let me rephrase that. Another new life!

I don’t want a new life. I like my old one in Sydney. I had great friends, an amazing first boyfriend, and school was bearable. But now my parents expect me to start all over again in Tokyo.

I wonder if I can call child services from a plane.


It’s not easy being Daisy… but it’s always interesting. Experience Japan through the eyes of a truly well-travelled teen.

Part travel guide, part romance, a whole world of fun.

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