80 Ways Fundraiser


Box of 112 copies of  Around the World in 80 Ways

Sugar Free Fundraiser For Your School Or Club

Our bestselling travel activity book, AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 WAYS, is now available for fundraisers. This is a great way to use a fun, educational product to make a big profit.

Cost and Profit

$150 per box, which includes courier fees.

Each box contains 112 copies of this wonderful children’s book.

Set your own price:

  • RRP of $10 per book makes a profit of $970 on just one box.
  • Sell each book for $7 and make a profit of $746

Ways to sell

Ask each child to sell one book each. If 112 children sell one book each, that’s a tidy profit for your school or organisation. How easy is that!

Do you have a market or fete coming up? Sell the book on a stall. Remember, books are non-perishable, so leftover books are easy to store for the next fete as well.

About the book

‘Around the World in 80 Ways’ been featured in dozens of newspapers and magazines and the author Jane Tara has been interviewed on radio and TV. The book is so effective at entertaining children that Virgin airlines used it as part of their inflight entertainment.

This is not just another single-use colouring-in book or activity book for kids, but a one-of-a-kind travel book full of thoughtful conversation starters, facts and figures, and activities that encourage kids (and parents) to think about the world around them.

Age range 6 to 13, with a chapter written especially for toddlers.

Praise for ‘Around the World in 80 Ways’

“This book is a joy to hold in my hands.” Kids’ Book Review.

“I recommend that 80 Ways be included on every smart traveller’s packing list.” Susan Grant, commercial airline pilot, best-selling author, and mum

“An essential book for any family that travels…” Teo Gebert from ABC’s Play School

“Creative, thought-provoking and fun…” Jennifer Nicholls, Institute of Early Childhood, Macquarie University

“A clever, one-of-a kind travel book for children and their parents…” Rosemary Serluca Foster, award-winning author of Genevieve’s Gift.

“Helps parents and children enjoy the journey as much as the destination.” On The Road RACQ Magazine

“Jane Tara created a winner travel entertainment book for families…” Autistic Globetrotting

“A Fun-packed Book to Keep You Amused.” Kids Travel Cam

“Funny and very down to earth, it includes 80 easy, lightweight ways to keep kids entertained and educated about travel…” Lost at E Minor

“Thank God this book came along…” Studio Bambini

“The perfect resource for any family planning to travel.” Holidays with Kids Magazine

Other Information

Approximate delivery times:

Sydney 1-2 days

Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide 2 days

Perth 5 days

Got more questions? Contact: jane@itcheefeet.com

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