Preparing for an early morning flight with kids


We had a 6.30 am flight from Sydney to Adelaide with all 4 boys in tow. I am NOT a morning person, ever. Nothing will alter that fact. So the best way for me to cope with a 5am taxi ride with 4 excited boys, is to be as organised, and stress free as possible. Travelling with 4 young boys is like a military exercise.

Firstly, the night before, they have their bags packed and lined up in the hallway. Same with their shoes, socks inserted inside.

Next, they sleep in their clothes. Don’t say “ewwww” unless you’ve got 4 sons and a better way of doing this.

I make a packed breakfast for each of them the night before, and leave it in the fridge.

When the alarm goes off at sparrow fart, I get up and have some time to myself…

Then, five-minutes before the taxi arrives, we wake the boys. They get up, put their shoes on, put their breakfast in their bag… and walk out the door.

Literally five-minutes from wake-up call to cab.

Once they are seated on the plane, they get their breakfast out and eat.

While I nap.

Who ever said that travel with kids needs to be stressful?

Now arguments at the destination… that’s another story…

  • Ruth

    Jane , that’s EXACTLY how I solved early morning travel with my kids. They showered in the evening put on clean clothes (track suits in winter, stretchy shirts and shorts in summer) and doing everything else you suggest it worked wonderfully. The only thing that had to be done was grab the the brekky from the fridge, quickly put a new nappy on the youngest , get their shoes on and out the door! Since i have girls I put their hair in tight pigtails or plaits so I didnt have to brush their hair either. I’m a bit fussy so at the airport they got their faces washed and teeth brushed . Good on you for letting people know how easily things can be done!

  • I can’t imagine doing anything else, Ruth. Make it as pain free as possible I say! Great tip about the hair braids. Having all boys, I didn’t even think of that.