Pinocchio for iPad by Elastico


From the creator’s:

“What’s a skateboard doing in Toyland? Or an umbrella in Geppetto’s home? Why does Pinocchio start dressing like a contemporary little boy?
Every now and then we took a few liberties with the illustrations. Intentionally.
What we wanted to do was help our little readers feel the absolute contemporariness of the book and make them see that it talks about things that are very close to today’s kids.”


touch sensitive animation and sound effects

moving figures with objects you can throw, drag or move by tilting ipad

Price: $3.99

Riot Rating  ****1/2

This app brings to life Collodi’s very funny story of a wooden puppet who through many trials and tribulations learns compassion and love and in so doing transforms into a real boy. As the Italian creators say, they had grown up on the Disney version and in making this app were surprised and delighted to rediscover the joy and fun in Collodi’s original Pinnochio.

Pinocchio for ipad is bilingual, in English and Italian.

Update: The latest version is now for ipod and iphone and includes narration in both Italian and English. Riot Rating upgraded to 4 and 1/2 stars.