Pinnawala, Sirigiya… and elephants!



By Katrina Griffiths

After some rocky moments with the kids, things have settled down… I think.

I LOVE elephants so Pinnawala, where we washed orphan elephants was a major highlight for me. Is it the Sagittarian in Me? I never change, its always dogs, pigs, and elephants.


We headed to Sirigiya in the cultural triangle. It was without a doubt an absolute highlight. Imagine staying in a local village that lets off NYE crackers every hour.  Once you get past your irritation, thinking that there are a heap of local loons about, you realise that this place is still wild and free and the crackers are warning the elephants not to get too close.


The kids did a rock climb that put me in a state of anxiety. When Sri Lanka gets all nanny like the rest of the world, no one will be allowed to climb this place so I’m glad we did it although I thought I was going to have a heart attack at the time.

We went on safari and saw so much wildlife that it put Tasmania to shame. (The first time I went to Tasmania I saw more native wildlife in one day just driving from Launceston airport, than I had ever seen in my whole life as an Australian person growing up in the suburbs. No exaggeration)

To my utter delight, we have seen wild elephants in absolute abundance, monkeys, mongooses (they’re very cute), iguanas, squirrels… you name it!  I feel like David Attenborough.

Could the kids give a shit? I don’t know.

Enjoying the view… I think