Do old people need a 10-year passport?

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I was in line at the Post Office yesterday, behind an old man who was applying for a passport. He was going overseas to visit his grandson and seemed quite excited by the prospect. Pity the guy behind the counter put a downer on his emerging inner-traveller.

OLD GUY: I’ll get a 10-year-passport.

POST OFFICE GUY: How old are you?

OLD GUY: Eighty-two.

POST OFFICE GUY: Just get the five-year passport. It’s cheaper too.

Yep, no point wasting money, or dreams, when you’re eighty-two.

I didn’t hear the outcome of this conversation, but I’m hoping he insisted and got the 10-year passport. And that in 10-years he returns to that post office (and that guy) to renew it…

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