Five Old-Fashioned Road Trip Games


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Remember what road trips used to be like? Boredom, arguments, the whine of “When are we gonna get there?” Ah the good ole days… and yet, my memories of family road trips are happy ones. Treasured. Because while my brother and I certainly bickered, and my father often made us “hold on” until we thought our bladders would burst, we actually spent time as a family. We’d play road games, talk and sing. My mother would even yodel. (Sorry mum.)

Nowadays the kids are belted into their seats and wired up to their iPods and portable DVD players. As a parent, it’s easier to drive long distances, but it’s not only time and kilometres that pass by with Angry Birds and Disney, it’s also the opportunity to talk to your kids. I love road trips because the kids can’t get away from me. Next time you’re on the road, turn the technology off and play these old-fashioned road trip games with your kids.

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