No money, no time? 5 ways you can still travel.


Today’s guest blogger is Inga from Cool Kidz Cool Trips. Inga lives in one of my all time fave travel destinations–Slovenia. 

If my family traveled every time we had itchy feet, we would be bankrupt by now. But that doesn’t mean we stay at home. With children the smallest stuff can be an adventure. And with kids there are so many firsts—that first local bus ride can be as exciting as being on a plane. Maybe you won’t be able to brag to your friends about going to the local market, it’s not quite as exciting as a market in Marrakesh, but it can still be a trip worth taking.

Here are my five ways to relieve the itch and travel when time and money are limited.

– Be a local tourist: Look up when you walk your hometown streets. Notice the buildings, benches in the park, the scenery around you. Check out the local museums, galleries, and events. Visit places you haven’t been before, in your own city or town.

– Eat out: Last week we spent a rainy Saturday afternoon indulging in Egyptian food. For me the food is often the best part of the trip and here you get to enjoy it without the jetlag. It’s also a way for kids to get to sample another culture.

– Get to know your neighbours: Slovenia is lucky this way, we have plenty of neighbours just a short drive away. You can be in the Austrian Alps or on the shores of the Italian lake Garda or explore the thermal baths of Hungary in just a couple of hours. It doesn’t take a lot of money or time, if you keep it simple. And everybody has neighbours, it doesn’t have to be another country.

– Be creative at home: Use your imagination and pretend you are somewhere else. Organize a five o’clock tea party as if you we’re in the English countryside. Carve a pumpkin for Halloween in the USA. Cook Thai food and pretend you’re in Bangkok. And forget about the kids–put them to bed, open a bottle of French wine, light some candles, have Edith Piaf singing in the background and you could be in the heart of romantic Paris.

– Read books/watch movies: When I was a kid I loved reading folk tales from different countries. They really showed you what their culture and values were based upon. Books and movies are an excellent way to travel without spending time or money.

Inga is from Slovenia and is of Croatian descent… although she feels she was probably English in a past life. It’s no wonder she finds it difficult to stay put. Thankfully her family feels the same. She has two daughters and a husband who is in love with photography, and they all get excited about any trip that gets them out of the house. Read more about Inga and her family on her blog: