Still the most popular game in the house.

We have made sure that RIOT are only using server groups with known friends.


Minecraft is a building block game with night monsters. Build shelters for protection. Travel wherever you can imagine and mine everything.

As we write this post 12,424,243 people have registered and 3,252,599 people bought the game.


• Three-dimensional cubist block world
• Avatars
• Mine everything
• Monsters


Available for PC & Mac computers – not smaller devices.

Price: Pre-purchase beta €14.95

Riot Rating  *****

This puzzle app has taken the world by storm.

At the moment we don’t advise children going on public servers using the game as there appears to be a lot of violence and potential predatory behaviour.

A philosophical dilemma we find is that Minecraft offers digging and blasting holes in virtual worlds as the constructivist way forward.

Created by: Notch

Music by: C418