The FEET FAMILY is more than a travelling cartoon family. It’s a unique global learning brand.
Ariel and Frank Feet have itchee feet. Together with their kids—Freya, Daisy, Bella, Burton and Banjo—they have lived in numerous countries and travelled extensively in-between.
Each character is a portal into a different educational and entertainment experience.

* Twin’s Bella and Burton provide fun and games for 7-11 year olds.
* Daisy is geared to a slightly older group, at 9-13 year olds.
* The youngest Feet, Banjo heads up the entertainment for 3-6 year olds.
* The family’s oldest child Freya is a portal to giving back. Through Freya, kids connect with inspiring stories from around the world, and programs for young people.
* Frank is a composer and a gateway into World Music.
* And Ariel Feet is a portal for teachers and parents.

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 So how does this all come together?

The Feet family is the perfect way to provide children with entertaining and educational content, to enhance their travel experience and excite them about the world. (We love the letter E!)

What content do we create?
Publishing, travel industry, TV, animation, in-flight entertainment, print and digital media, and educational content such as interactive whiteboard software. And more.
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