Loving Pinterest!

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I’ve gone and done it… I wasn’t going to. I didn’t plan to… I really didn’t think it would be “my type of thing.” But I was wrong. I have now joined Pinterest… and I’m totally addicted. It was bound to happen really. I was the type of kid who filled scrapbooks with pictures cut from magazines… places I’d see, things I’d do…

For those of you who are yet to discover the joys of this latest social networking site, Pinterest is like a big vision board slash filing cabinet where you can “pin” all the things you like, want to remember, or dream about. It’s a visual smorgasbord of pics, clips and quotes. You have a homepage on which you create boards, or categories… and then on those boards you pin pics.

For example, I have a board called Travel with your Kids, and another called Travel without the Kids. I pin different pics in each… places I dream of taking my children, while on the other board I pin places I’m dreaming about going alone, or with TOF.

So in that way, Pinterest is a vision board.

But wait, it’s more than that too.

One of my boards is called Sydney with Kids… so anyone who is looking for activities to do in Sydney can search my board, and connect through to various ideas, blogs and sites.

It’s an amazing way to search down ideas for all sorts of things, from cooking, to travel, to home decorating and crafts. With 20 million monthly users, it literally has something for everyone on there. Pinterest itself claims it has a population of fanatical followers that exceeds the combined populations of LA and New York. Yep, I’m a little behind catching on.

At the moment, I’m looking at all the wonderful travel pics and dreaming of my next adventure… while I’m also looking at the rustic garden boards, and picking up great tips to make our garden more liveable over the coming summer.  We spend a lot of time eating and entertaining out the back.

Anyway, I’ve gotta run… I need to get back in Pinterest. However, a word of warning… as fun as it is DO NOT USE PINTEREST BEFORE GOING TO SLEEP AT NIGHT. I’ve done it a couple of nights in a row and spent the whole night having all my dreams pinned to the inside of my mind. Not very restful.

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