Lovely birthday gifts

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I recently … er … celebrated my birthday. I thought I’d share my three favourite pressies with you.

TOF bought me a ring. I’d seen him searching a catalogue, and overheard him calling a store about one, but in the end he took me shopping and got me this. It’s cool, has a retro “making a statement” feel. You can’t really see it here, but the design and the way the stone is set is quite fabulous. I love it.

My new rock
My new rock

My stepson got me this fan. He put a lot of thought into this… he wanted something personal, but my birthday also coincided with a massive heatwave in Adelaide. We were there for WOMAD and I was working, driving a buggy, around the WOMAD site… so this fan was not only a sweet thought, but also very practical. I used to carry a fan everywhere during summers in Tokyo, so this brought back lovely memories.


And finally… my youngest who is a reincarnated 80s rock star bought me a six pack of KISS beer. He went to the KISS and Motley Crew concert… and thought, “Yes, I know the perfect birthday gift for mummy.”

He gave it to me with a knowing grin. “Isn’t that the best birthday present ever!!!!”

I think he’s right.

A gift from KISS army's newest member!
A gift from KISS army’s newest member!