What I love about travelling with kids

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  1. My kids make me laugh: They’re hilarious. They always manage to see the funny side of life, and that helps me see the world differently.
  2. It’s an education: The world is a classroom, not only for my kids, but also for me. I love immersing myself in a new place and learning as much as I can about it with my kids.
  3. New friends: I’ve met some wonderful people who I wouldn’t have met before. Children bridge the gap, even when language doesn’t.
  4. I try new things: Even if a destination is familiar to me, I see a different side of it with my children because I’m trying new things with them. Also, I push myself in ways that I wouldn’t if I were travelling alone.
  5. His hand in mine: When it was just me and my oldest son, we had a secret language… his little hand in mine as we walked through airports together, through unfamiliar streets… and just when I least expected, he’d give my hand three quick squeezes… our secret code for I love you… I love adventures. My youngest now also knows that hand-squeeze language so for the time being it’s still a part of my travels. And so, so special.