Love at first sight: Cambodia



Travel has been my passion for nearly twenty-five years. There have been one or two places I’ve been to that I struggled with (India, I’m talking about you), but I’ve enjoyed most places I’ve been. There is always something to appreciate. Many places are on my return list: Austria, France, Italy, Slovenia, Thailand… it’s a long list actually.

And then there are the one or two places I’ve fallen in love with.


And now Cambodia.

Love at first sight…
Love at first sight…

From the moment I got off the plane, I was deliriously happy in Cambodia. And that’s not only because the Air Asia flight we caught from Kuala Lumper was one of the roughest I’ve ever been on. At one point my 11-year-old son looked at me, pure fear in his eyes as he screamed, “I’ve got to get off this plane!” You and me both, buddy!!!! I wanted to throw up, but did the whole, “It’s fine honey, just a few bumps.” So yes, landing anywhere after this particular flight would’ve been a pleasure. Kabul, somewhere in Syria… land this plane thanks. Our time in Cambodia started well simply because we were on solid ground.

Thank god we're off that plane!
Thank god we’re off that plane!

It started well, and got better from there.

It’s a complex country, with a tortured recent history, and very real problems. And yet every minute of my time in Cambodia was a pleasure, which I’ll share in some blogs over the next few days.

I just wanted you to know… I’m in love.