Ljubljana for families


Slovenia is a wonderful country to visit, with warm people, amazing scenery, and excellent transport. And it’s still reasonably cheap, certainly in comparison to its neighbours, Italy and Austria.

The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana, which has garnered a reputation as “the new Prague.” But Ljubljana isn’t “the new” anything. It doesn’t try to be. It’s a jewel of a city, rich in history and culture. It’s small enough to walk around the old area and, as a university town, it’s also surprisingly young and vibrant. We had countless conversations with young Slovenians, and were impressed with how laid-back, friendly and well-educated they all were.

The Other Foot and I enjoyed great food, great conversations, and cheap local beer. Ah yes, we’re cultured here at IF.

Ljubljana is a Dragon Spotters paradise, meaning kids will love it. Apparently Jason and the Argonauts sailed into Ljubljana (after they stole the golden fleece) and found a monster in a lake. Jason slew the “Dragon of Ljubljana” but it’s image remains emblazoned on everything from drainpipes to T-shirts. The most famous monument is the Dragon Bridge, guarded by four bronze dragons. Local legend says the dragons wave their tail when a virgin crosses the bridge, but I saw no sign of that when I was there.

Other family friendly activities include the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, with some shows in English, and perched on the cliff above it, Ljubljana Castle.

Slovenia is now one of our favourite destinations. It has so much to offer for families, especially those who love the outdoors. And Ljubljana is the gateway to it all.