Kuala Lumpur highlights

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KL is a great city. Interesting, easy to get around, great food and lots of things for families to do and see. Here are some of the highlights of our way too brief trip.

Our rights agent

Let’s start with the fabulous news that Itchee Feet now has a rights agent for South East Asia.  What’s even more wonderful is that our new rights agent (love saying that) is a really nice guy. Working with him will be a pleasure and we hope to share our books with kids all over South East Asia very soon.

Sri Mahamariamman Temple


Despite being the oldest Hindu temple in Malaysia, The Sri Mahamariamman Temple doesn’t offer up vast history or size. However it’s a delightful place and a wonderful temple for children. It’s rather like walking into a children’s picture book. We were fortunate enough to spend a couple of fascinating hours with one of the temple volunteers. He walked us through many of the Hindu tales that spring from the walls and roof. I was especially liked the Navagrahas, the nine planets used in Hindu astrology. People come to pray to specific planets on different days of the week. Worshipping the Navagrahas minimizes the malefic effects of certain planetary positions in one’s birth chart.

Using the Force


TOF and I use the force when we travel. We like start the day with no plans, walk… and then see where we end up. On our first day in KL it was at a Chinese Buddhist celebration where I shuffled around a hall with about two hundred people, a group of chanting monks and then offered up some Cheezels to Green Tara, one of my favorite deities.


Hours of roaming the city came to an end on our hotel roof with a local beer and a cracking storm that broke the heat and reminded me why I love being in South East Asia.

Jalan Petaling Street Market, Chinatown

I’m not a big fan of shopping. Crowded malls suck my soul out. Crowded markets aren’t much better. But this wasn’t bad, in a get in get out quickly kind of way. I liked it better than Central market, which was more like something that swallows you and you can get out of. Jalan Petaling Street Market is an easy walk through. Colourful, vibrant, some great bargains … definitely worth a look.

Hop On Hop Off City Bus Tour

I always said I’d never do one, but never say never. We’d spent a couple of days just walking around KL and seeing where the day led us. We had a wonderful time. But that left us with only one day to catch the main sights, and this seemed like a good way to do it. The hop on hop off bus was cheap, and had a stop opposite our hotel. It gave us the option of catching a sight as we passed, or getting of the bus to explore it further. It was perfect.

Special mention here to the amazing KL Bird Park, a must-sees for families.

Lassi Heaven

photo 1

It’s no secret; Malaysia is renowned for its food. We had some great meals, but kept returning to a cheapie restaurant nearby our hotel, that served delicious food and a mango lassi that knocks your socks off.

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