Kids and travel sickness? Get Chuckies.



About six hours into our recent road trip I had the following conversation.

“Jane… I just threw up in my mouth.”

“Er… where is the vomit now?”

“I swallowed but still feel sick.”


In the past there would have been a harried conversation between TOF and myself about pulling over to the side of the road, followed by the desperate search for the appropriate place to do so.

But not on this trip.

This time I simply opened the glove box, pulled out a Chuckie and passed it down the back. Then, the potential vomiter held it to his face and we continued our journey.

Both my step kids have gone through periods of travel sickness. The oldest one seems to have outgrown it, but we’re still careful about where he sits and what he eats while we’re travelling.

While my two sons have never been carsick on a road trip, one son did once have a vomiting bug hit him while we were shopping and I had to get him home. I hung a shopping bag in front of his face, and strung the handles over his ears. (Please no comments about how ‘he could’ve suffocated’… how else was I going to get him home without spew all over the car?)

Another time, on a flight from Sydney to Brisbane, my younger son spewed into an airsick bag during descent. For the record, not a single drop was lost and those bags really do hold their contents. (Perhaps this is where the idea of Chuckies comes from.) However it does take some talent to barf into an airsick back without squeezing the contents all over yourself. This kid is famous for him excellent vomiting skills. We have four boys. Three of them will spew anywhere anytime and guess who cleans it up? My youngest Raffy is a surprisingly contained spewer. He’s like the vomit champion… The kid will hold it until there is a toilet, a bucket or a bag in front of his face.

Until more kids are like him, the world needs Chuckies. This little Aussie company has created a hospital grade barf bag that has a “can’t miss” plastic opening that fits over the mouth. They’re convenient for the glove box of the car or for your handbag. Chuckies are ingenious in their simplicity. Why on earth weren’t these things invented earlier?

Lots of kids will experience occasional travel sickness. Beat the quease and travel with ease… and keep some Chuckies nearby.