Kid-friendly cooking classes in Hoi An


The Cooking Class 16.12.2010

By Katrina Griffiths

My eldest wants to enter Junior MasterChef. This is highly ambitious considering she has never cooked a thing in her life, but I’m all for it. Get the kid cooking I say!

So, here we are in the beautiful and charming town of Hoi An, (which I have to stress is really, really beautiful and charming) and one of the things to do in Hoi An is a cooking class. Most of the resorts and restaurants offer cooking classes, but we chose to go to a local restaurant we love called the Yellow Flower Restaurant “Hoa Vang”. It cost USD$30 for both of us and was well worth it. We made cao lau, fresh vegetarian spring rolls, banana flower salad, fish grilled in banana leaf, and fish porridge (for the baby). Then of course, we got to eat it. My daughter did incredibly well and was very brave to be cooking with chopsticks under the watchful guidance of Tram, our host. We thoroughly recommend doing one; it is lots of fun and its great to be able to get the recipes for some of the beautiful food on offer in Vietnam. Also, without meaning to sound corny, it’s also a great bonding opportunity—I really loved spending this time with my girl.

Hoi An has a thriving restaurant scene, and there are many great ones to choose from. We love the local Vietnamese food and probably the best known local specialty is called cao lau—flat noodles with mint, salad leaves and bean sprouts with croutons and thin slices of pork in an aromatic sauce. This is the dish that my daughter has decided to cook on Junior MasterChef and since she knows how to make it now, she is more than welcome to practice at home…

Hoi An is such a nice place to visit with your children. We just LOVE it here.