Kid-free time when you’re travelling with kids

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Kid-free time is important when you’re travelling. The other foot and I are fortunate that we work together, so work trips are also time alone together. We enjoy nothing more than finding a hole-in-the-wall bar, meeting some local characters and sampling the local beer—not particularly cultured, but the last thing we feel like doing when we have child-free time is battling tourist lines at museums. We just want to hang out together.

So how do we make time for ourselves when the kids are around?

–       Set boundaries. We spend time in bed in the mornings, and the boys now respect that space.

–       Set some alone time—often the other foot will take the kids to the beach and I’ll have a breather. In return, I’ll take them somewhere special while he has some space.

–       We take time out together once the boys are in bed. Usually we can’t go far, but if there’s a balcony then we’ll kick back there with an evening drink.

Travel is not just geographical. It’s also about the journey you take with those you love. It’s important to savour that.