Itchee Feet Top 5

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The past week has been crazy here at Itchee Feet.

  1. Our books arrived. I’ll post pics soon, but let’s just say Dom and I have much bigger muscles now, after carrying 100 boxes up a big flight of stairs.
  2. Our website is not only up and running, but we’ve had sales. We get very excited when we see a sale in our inbox, so keep them coming.
  3. We visited our buddy Tony Nash at Booktopia, to drop off some books.
  4. We had a couple of wonderful meetings—big things are happening for us in 2011, but more on that later.
  5. We’re getting ready for our first Itchee Feet road trip: Sydney to the Sunshine coast. We’ll be meeting with booksellers and doing publicity all the way, as well as blogging about it.

That’s a quick update. More details soon.