If you lose your child in a crowded market

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If you lose your child in a crowded market

By Ariel Feet

Okay, yes, this is every parent’s nightmare… but look on the bright side… you can shop while you search. I found the most amazing carpet in a market in Marrakesh once when Burton went missing. I turned around and realized he was MIA, began to search, called his name over and over, flew frantically past the snake charmers and souks until… a flash of rich burgundy and browns caught my eye. It was the most stunning carpet ever! I bought it, organized to have it delivered to the hotel… and immediately spotted Burton with a monkey trainer. Found the perfect carpet and my wayward son. All in all, a great day.

Tips for keeping your kids safe while travelling:

–       Keep photos of your child in your wallet. Update them regularly. No point showing the police a baby pic when you’re searching for your teen.

–       Also keep close-up shots of the kids on your camera.

–       Dress young children in bright clothes.

–       Write your mobile/cell number in pen on their arm and teach your kids to ask for help. My kids know to look for a lady with children if they are ever lost.

–       Designate somewhere as a meeting spot when visiting tourist attractions.

–       There is a fine line between being polite and open to meeting new people, and being wary of strangers—teach your children to use their intuition. If they feel uncomfortable with someone, then they don’t have to be polite… simply ignore the adult they feel uncomfortable with and move away.