IF Top 5 Ballina swimming spots… for kids


There are many difficult decisions to make when holidaying in Ballina… like where will we take the kids swimming next? For such a tiny dot on the map, Ballina leaves families spoilt for choice.

We usually managed two different swimming spots per day. These are our top 5:

  1. Shelly Beach. This is a great family beach, especially in the morning. (The wind often picks up in the afternoon.) It’s always patrolled, has a pool for toddlers, and a large area of rocks and natural rockpools for older children to explore.
  2. The Serpentine. This part of North Creek is a hit with kids at low tide.
  3. Angels Beach. Locally known as Oma’s Beach, this quiet swimming spot is one of the most beautiful beaches on the north coast.
  4. Shaw’s Bay. A great place for picnics and calm family swimming time.
  5. Ballina Pool. Okay, it’s not as scenic as some of the other spots I haven’t mentioned here. But it does have a waterslide and our older two boys love it. I don’t mind it either. Ballina Pool is old school—and in a world of indoor aquatic centres, it makes a refreshing change.