Holiday fun for Sydney teenagers

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I have recently moved into a new parenting phase—I have a teenager. I’m fortunate to have a lovely teen-model, not one of those temperamental models. My teen tells me everything (often way too much). We like to hang out and watch classic movies together. He’s a talented musician, so spends hours playing music. He gets on well with both his father and stepfather. We really don’t have much to complain about in terms of negative teen behaviour. However, his tastes have changed and often jar with what the rest of the family wants to do, especially during school holidays. For example… our younger three boys want to go to the beach, while our teen is apparently allergic to sunlight now. He only leaves the house to roam with his pack, meet with girls, and to go to rock band practise.

Want to get your teen out of the house? Here are a few teen friendly options for the school holidays.

  1. Let’s Go Surfing has holiday classes… surf school is nothing like normal school, so your teens will have a blast.
  2. Ways Youth Service in Bondi provides programs and support for young people all year round. If you have teens and live in the Bondi area, you really need to look them up. Their school holiday program includes bush survival skills, rock climbing and an Amazing Race on Bondi Beach.
  3. The Bondi Pavilion Holiday Program has some fantastic teen friendly options, including digital music, cartooning, and performance workshops. The Pavilion is also a great supporter of teen musicians with their annual WAVE program, so make sure you sign up for their newsletter and stay updated.
  4. The Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) in the Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park holds filmmaker boot camps for teens.
  5. The Paris International Cooking School in Stanmore holds a general cooking, and a pastry and cake workshop for teens during the holidays. I’m not a fan of cooking, but this looks like fun.
  6. Kids in the Park at Sydney Olympic Park (Homebush) have over 50 holiday activities. There are loads of activities for teens, many of them free.  With workshops ranging from circus skills, BMX riding and book writing, there’s really something for everyone.
  7. For teens living in the Shire, there are some under 18s dance parties coming up. Check out the Shire Youth Events Facebook page for more info.